How long before my ears are shipped out?

READY-TO-SHIP: approx. 1-2 business days from purchase date

PREORDER: 4-5 weeks (about a month)

CLICK HERE to see our current order shipping estimations.

PLEASE NOTE: these are the turnaround times listed from order to mail drop-off. Please allow for 2-3 extra days for shipping. If you have an upcoming trip, please reach out to us and purchase priority shipping either during purchase or after with our priority shipping upgrade option.

How will I know that my order has shipped?

You will receive a shipping notification from Please note that it can take up to 24-48 hours for arrival info to appear on your tracking information.

Once a package has been released to USPS, we are not liable for any damages or delays in receiving your package. If you are concerned about your package getting lost or damaged while in transit, we recommend shipping with priority shipping that has insurance.

Can I add rush shipping to my order?

If you are leaving for your trip WITHIN 2-3 weeks of order purchase, please dm or email me ( with your order #. This way, I know ahead of time when you will be leaving and I will try my best to get your order shipped in time. Please understand that I may not always be able to come through and that you must allow for shipping time so order as far ahead of time as you can! PLEASE NOTE: Apparel orders cannot be rushed.

Can I return or cancel my order?

We understand that everyone is different and that a return may need to be made. With that being said, we accept returns on ears within one week of posted arrival on the tracking information. We do not accept returns or cancellations on Custom Cast Ears, Bridal ears or Apparel.

For all information regarding returns & cancellations, please view our shop policies HERE.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping will be more depending on where you live. We suggest using the shipping calculator beforehand to see how much shipping will cost to your location. 

I keep getting sold out. How can I get my order in faster during sales?

Great question! While we work our hardest to make as much product as possible, we are still a small business with only one full-time maker and one part-time maker. Here are a couple tips for quicker check-out. 

  • Checkout using a browser that has saved address feature or make an account on our website ahead of time
  • Use a saved form or payment such as PayPal or Apple Pay
  • Buy just one set instead of going for two
  • Refresh right at drop time to ensure that your product is listed

Where can I find more information about the Cast Custom Ears?

For all questions and guides for ordering the Cast Custom Ears, please follow this link.

How durable are The Good Ears? 

Fortunately, our products are well-tested in the parks and durable. The ears themselves are secured on the headband with a combination of sewing and durable fabric glue, so they are not going anywhere! To minimize wear and tear, I would recommend taking off the ears while on fast rides, water rides or when it's raining. Also, avoid storing the ears in really hot places as this could make the fabric on the headband come off because it is hot-glued in place. 

How should I transport my ears to the park?

I found that the best case scenario for transporting ears is a specially made ear bag. You can find these on many Etsy accounts and other small businesses. There are some super cute bags out there too! However, not everyone wants to spend the big bucks on ear bags, so the best way to transport them in your suit case is flat and between something soft, like t-shirts or sweatshirts. Long periods of the ears being bent at a weird angle WILL cause major damage to the ear and we are not held liable for damages that occurred in during poor maintenance and protection of your ears.

Do you do custom orders or have a waiting list I can join? 

Unfortunately, I cannot accept custom orders outside of my Custom CM ear sale. I make all my ears to order with specialty printed fabrics, so customizations cannot be made. Please check on our Instagram to see what ears will be restocked this week. 

I can also only accept orders during my sale times. I am once again a small shop, we make as much product as we can, but our stock is still very small when compared to commercial retailers. I offer my sales in a first come-first serve basis in order to ensure fairness to all with quick ship-times, items WILL NOT be held in your cart at time of purchase.

We do not have a wait-list currently because we have found this method of accepting orders is stressful both for us and our customers. Thank you for understanding.

Can I change the address on my order?

We are happy to accommodate your request, however there are some things you might need to know before we change your shipping address! Follow this link to view our shipping policies.

Don't see your question here?

Please send me an email at  I will try to respond as soon as possible!